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oink v : utter a high-pitched cry, characteristic of pigs [syn: squeal]

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Imitative of the sound.




  1. Representing the sound made by a pig.


Representing the sound made by a pig


  1. The sound made by a pig, or an imitation thereof.
    The protesters replied to the police officers' demands with a chorus of oinks.



sound made by a pig


  1. Of a pig or in imitation thereof, to make its characteristic sound.
    The hogs oinked happily in their pen as the farmer poured slop in their feeding trough.



to oink

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Oink may refer to:
  • Oink, the animal sound sound a pig makes
  • Oink! (comic), a comic printed in the UK during the 1980s
  • Oink (O-Force), a fictional character, a mutant in the Marvel Comics Universe
  • Moo & Oink, a Chicago-based grocery store chain that caters to the inner-city community
  • OiNK's Pink Palace, a defunct BitTorrent tracker and music sharing community website
  • A seal cub in the TV series Stingray
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